Prime ABS 105FR

Prime ABS 105FR is an ignition resistant ABS with excellent process stability, high practical toughness and heat distortion temperature.


  • Appliance parts
  • Transportation
  • Electronics and other interior applications
  • With the addition of a weatherable cap, it may also be used in many outdoor applications


Prime ABS 105FR has excellent thermoforming characteristics. It is extremely versatile in nearly all thermoforming operations from high volume, multi-station rotary machines to single station and shuttle presses. Pressure forming techniques have also been highly successful. It can be formed on wood, epoxy, ceramic and/or aluminum tools. The forming temperature has a range of 300 - 350°F. For best results the mold temperature should be 150-190°F. In some cases it is necessary to dry the sheet before forming.


Prime ABS 105FR can be screwed, drilled, routed, punched and die-cut with conventional tooling. Parts made with Prime ABS 105FR may be joined with machine screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, and spring steel fasteners. Thread-cutting or thread-forming screws are an economical means for securing separate joints. Formed parts may be joined with Methylene Chloride if maximum impact strength is not required. Press and snap techniques and sonic welding may also be used for the bonding of Prime ABS 105FR.

Colors, Textures and Capabilities

Prime ABS 105FR can be color matched to meet your specific requirements. Prime ABS 105FR is available in thicknesses from .060 - .400. Textures include Calf Grain, HC, RM, Seville, Levant I, FL/HC and Diamond Plate.

Prime ABS 105FR High Average
Impact Strength *  
Low Temperature Impact Strength   *
Tensile Strength *  
Flexural Modulus *  
Heat Deflection Temperature *  
Property Test Method Value Unit
Specific Gravity D-792 1.20  
Melt Flow D-1238 54.6 g/10min
Gloss, 60° Angle D-523 87 %
Elongation @ Yield D-638 5 %
Tensile Modulus D-638 144,000 psi
Tensile @ Yield D-638 5,200 psi
Gardner Impact D-5420 168 ln-lbs
Flexurual Modulus D-790 329,000 psi
Notched Izod @ 73°F D-256 6.3 ft-lb/in
Notched Izod @ - 40°F D-256 2.2 ft-lb/in
Rockwell Hardness D-785 102 R Scale
HDT @ 66psi, Un-annealed D-648 198 °F
HDT @ 264 psi, Un-annealed D-648 183 °F
Vicat Softening Point D-1525 219 °F

Property values above are based on .125" extruded sheet

Complies with UL 94-VO at thickness' greater than .062"

Complies with UL 94-5VB at thickness' greater than .062"