MACmark® Enhancers

Is it a metallic film or overlaminate? It's both! Either way, this versatile new film is a valuable tool to take your graphics to the next eye catching level!


Enhancer 6300 is a premium 2.5 mil (Crystal) and 3.0 mil (Silver or Multi-color metallic flake) cadmium-free clear cast vinyl with high gloss and a high concentration of light refracting additives for a glistening appearance on the surface of your substrate or to use as an overlaminating film to greatly enhance your high quality printed graphics. These MACtac® films are designed for high profile applications over flat to moderately curved surfaces. The products are coated with a high-performance clear, permanent solvent acrylic adhesive and protected with 78# bleached white kraft liner for good stability and layflat. These films are outstanding choices for creating unique effects in fleet marking, container decals, marine decals, logos, automotive, equipment identification, signs, etc.

Please contact your local Laird Plastics representative for more details about MACmark® Enhancers and other exciting products from MACtac!

MACtac®'s 6300 Enhancer Series is the newest in versatile films. It can be laminated over a solid color vinyl to create a metallic finish or over a digital or screen printed vinyl for a graphical special effect.

With three different Enhancers available, the options are limitless in creating fresh, exciting graphics time after time. Furthermore, the new films help you expand your offering by mixing and matching them with your present inventory of films to create new shades and effects. These powerful staples added to your inventory will speak volumes!


  • 2.5 & 3.0 Mil cast vinyl
  • Permanent solvent acrylic adhesive
  • Five year outdoor durability
  • Three different Enhancer films
  • Flat or moderately-curved surface installation
  • Custom color matches available
  • Excellent shrink resistance
  • Great petroleum resistance

Physical PropertiesTypical Values
Thickness, inches (µm) Film plus adhesive0.0042 (107)
Peel Adhesion, PP1W (N/25mm) 180° on SS
30 min.
24 hrs.
2.8 (12.7)
4.0 (17.8)
Face Material Data, 68°F (20°C)
Tensile strength lb./in. (N/m)
Elongation %
> 7.5 (1300)
> 120%
Dimensional Stability, (%)
48 hours @ 158°F (70°C)
bonded to aluminum
< .01%
Temperature Ranges,
End Use
40° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
-50° to 225°F (-45° to 107°C)
Shelf LifeTwo years when stored between 60-80°F (15-25°C) and 50% relative humidity or less.
DurabilityThis product has a five year outdoor durability. This use-life estimate is based upon accelerated age studies based on vertical applications under "normal" temperate climates. Please note that exposure to severe temperatures, ultraviolet light and also tropical, sub-tropical or desert regions will cause more rapid deterioration. This also applies to polluted areas, high altitude and south facing exposure.
Recommendations are believed to be accurate but do not constitute a warranty written or implied. Refer to MACtac® Product Performance Guides and Technical Assistance Bulletins prior to use.